I would love to be in movies because I think I and a good actor and I think I can be what they want me to be; I won’t complain about what part I will play because in every play I have been in, I was a guy not a girl I have never been a girl. All of my instructors for the play all tell me that I am really good at acting. I think that I have a good chance. The people who are in the movies look like they have a good time as well as acting and being serious.

The person/actor who inspired me was Orlando bloom the guy in the picture. He is a very good actor and funny at the same time. Salena Gomez also inspired me. Salena started small in the show Barany but then she became bigger in the movie in wizards of westerly place then became a singer. I don’t plan becoming that big, but I would like to become at least be in 1 movie.

If I get a call back to be in a movie I would be so excited. I would get to meet new people and people could see what I could do. Each play I am in I put in all of my effort. On Monday I tutor my friend and on Tuesdays I have jazz and an acting class and then on Wednesdays I have can can practice and on Thursdays I have gymnastics and jazz and on Fridays I have can can practice and performance group. But if I get a call back I would be willing to let all of that go and be there were they want me to be.


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